What should you expect from a good orthodontist?

What should you expect from a good orthodontist?
Posted on 05/02/2022
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We all want a beautiful smile and are willing to pay what it takes to correct this imperfection. But, how do you know if the orthodontist you are in the process of choosing is good? What should you expect from a good orthodontist?

In this post, we’ll share a few tips on finding a good orthodontist in your area.

Is your dentist an orthodontist?

Nowadays many dentists install braces, but that doesn’t mean they are an orthodontist. They may have the tools and equipment, but they may not have the level of education and experience required to correct and move your teeth. Orthodontists are dental specialists in preventing, diagnosing, and treating dental and facial irregularities. Moving your teeth into new positions involves changes in jaw and facial bones. You want to ensure you are in hands of an expert in the field. Also, check if they are a member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Only orthodontists are admitted into the AAO.

Orthodontists that provide same-day braces

The usual time to start your treatment after your first visit, is about 5-21 days, depending on your treatment type. A well-established orthodontic office can offer treatment where you walk out with braces on the same day of your first visit. So, what should you expect on your visit to the orthodontist to walk out with braces the same day?

Very few clinics carry the most advanced technology that minimizes your wait time to start a treatment. Following are steps a good orthodontist will fulfill on the first visit that will allow you to start your treatment with little wait time.

  1. A good orthodontist will provide a thorough evaluation of your dental situation with a full explanation of potential treatment options available at the clinic. This is the time to ask all questions and have your doctor clear any doubts. A good doctor will answer all your questions in a personal and compassionate manner.
  2. A good orthodontist will complete a specialized 3-D x-ray capturing your teeth and the relationship of the jaw using minimal radiation. These images are essential to further determine your treatment as they provide a better understanding of your malocclusion (bite problem). In addition to this, these 3-D images provide a full picture of bone and skull conditions that help determine the best treatment.
  3. A good orthodontist is equipped with state-of-the-art technology using Digital Intraoral Impressions with 3-D images that can reveal tooth eruption sequencing, and space considerations for growth and development assessment. This technology replaces the traditional method of alginate and polyvinyl siloxane (PVS) impressions, which are the gooey clay-like materials that are fitted inside your mouth to create the mold.
  4. A good orthodontist uses the most advanced technology to reduce wait time with the use of a 3-D printer that creates dental molds in-office, vs sending impressions to a lab. This technology cuts down the commencement of treatment by 14-21 days and can even start your treatment the same day with metal or clear braces. If you are using clear aligners, your treatment can start in as little as two (2) days after your first visit. This is a game-changer as the usual wait time for clear aligners is about two-three weeks.

Orthodontists with 5-star reviews

Reviews may be one of your best assets when searching for an orthodontist. Choose an orthodontist with 5-star reviews! Read the reviews written by current and past patients. Read what they say about the treatment and level of care. See what they say about the office, equipment, and technicians. You want to make sure the office you choose has a professional and pleasant staff. View how a complaint was resolved if any. If you find no complaints, this is a great indicator of a good orthodontist.

Choosing the right orthodontist in Houston

Searching for the treatment of braces in Houston can be overwhelming with all the clinics that pop up on the map. How do you know all orthodontists in Houston that offer treatment of braces are good orthodontists? Houston Orthodontics is the clinic that fulfills all the above servicing adults and kids alike for over 25 years in the greater Houston area. Dr. Mauricio Arguello treats every patient with the most compassionate care creating a relaxed atmosphere during every visit. Furthermore, Dr. Arguello will cut your wait time with same-day braces or by starting in just two (2) days.

Request an appointment by visiting our website at bracesinhouston.com or call our office at 713-664-6611 to schedule your visit at Houston Orthodontics. View our welcoming video and learn how Dr. Arguello will improve your smile!